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Timbre Consultants is committed to the design and implementation of urban policy, communications and bricks and mortar initiatives that embody and build upon community strengths. We believe that meaningful collaboration is the best way to achieve creative and tangible results.

Our Services

Whether through research, project planning or public relations, we know how to work with the public, private and institutional stakeholders that can influence a project’s outcome. We guide our clients through complex planning processes – from conception to implementation – so that the project vision is met and is delivered within budget.

Research and Analysis

to understand the community context, frameworks and relevant best practices.

  • Legislative and policy research
  • Demographic and socioeconomic research
  • Market research and analysis
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Land use and zoning analysis
  • Community needs assessment
  • Urban trend analysis
  • Design and user research

Community and Political Organizing

for an engaging and community-oriented planning process.

  • Campaign strategy and management
  • Outreach
  • Advocacy
  • Political strategy
  • Public relations
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Workshop facilitation: collaborative design, public feedback
  • Message development

Organizational Support

to help your organization respond to community needs.

  • Visioning and concept development
  • Communications strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Government affairs strategy
  • Project briefing and marketing
  • Funding support and grant writing
  • Program design
  • Tool design
  • RFP process design and writing

Focus Areas

We collaborate with community-based-organizations, community development corporations, public agencies and research institutions making impacts in the following areas:

Economic Development

Land Use Planning

Neighborhood Transition

Smart Citizen Initiatives

Learning and Cultural Environments

Community Schools

Community Services Design and Delivery

Collaborative Workplace Models


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Our cities and towns are rapidly changing, as are the technologies we use to measure, predict, design and build with. In the race to ride this momentum we see public agencies, private developers and service providers alike favoring technocratic, big data-driven and large-scale solutions. Something very important is being lost in the shuffle: the existing knowledge, character and strengths embedded in our communities. We believe in planning practices that are participatory and targeted and we work to advance initiatives that demonstrate creative ways of working together, that are designed with empathy and that respond to real community needs.

Our Team

We are a network of urban planners, organizers, public affairs professionals, designers and engineers. We have experience working with community-based organizations, elected officials, business and institutional leadership, and seek to work with those aspiring to make change and willing to do the hard work to make it happen.

Antonina Simeti

Antonina Simeti

Co-founder and Principal Consultant Buffalo, NYAntonina is an urbanist committed to creating new models for economically and environmentally sustainable development. She is interested in participatory planning and place-based interventions that challenge traditional planning processes and frameworks in order to creatively meet broad policy goals. Her professional experience includes non-profit program management, design strategy, public policy research, user research, teaching and environmental impact analysis.

Antonina has worked with a range of stakeholders including government agencies, elected officials, community based organizations, business leaders, cultural and higher education institutions, designers and educators. She holds a master’s degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bradley Cantor

Bradley Cantor

Co-founder and Principal Consultant New York, NYBrad’s career has taken him from urban planning to organizing, public advocacy, politics and back again. His career has allowed him to learn and navigate all pieces required to build an effective public project.

He is deeply committed to a holistic planning process that considers the social, economic and the physical needs of a community. He is especially interested in folding in the arts as well as technological tools and trends to empower a community to reach its goals. He holds a masters degree in planning from Hunter College.

We’ve Worked With

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