The Farm to Hospital Initiative

Date – May 2016 – March 2017 Focus Area – Food Systems Planning, Policy and Planning Recommendations, Community Engagement and Activation. Services – Project Management; Best Practices and Case Study Development, Policy, Market, and Demographic […]

Healthy Retail and Workplaces

Date – January 2016 – Ongoing Focus Area – Food Systems Planning, Community Engagement and Activation Services – Program Design, Stakeholder Mapping Outreach, Policy and Legislative Research, Branding and Messaging […]

Broadway Market Commercial Kitchen

Date – March 2016 – Ongoing Focus Area – Food Systems Planning, Economic Development, Neighborhood Transition Services –  Community Needs Assessment, Market Research and Analysis, Workshop Facilitation, Design and User Research, Visioning and concept development Timbre Consultants […]

The Western New York Environmental Alliance 2015 Congress

Date – December 2015 Focus Area – Environment/Climate Change, Community Engagement and Activation, Conference and Event Planning Service – Outreach and CommunityEngagement, Communications Strategy, Branding and Messaging, Digital Strategy, Event Planning and Execution, Workshop […]

Rise Up for Climate Justice Campaign

Date – September 2015 Focus Area – Environment, Climate Change, Community Engagement and Activation Services – Campaign Management, Communication Strategy, Branding and Messaging, Social Media and Web Development, Management, Event Planning and Execution As the consultants for the Rise Up For […]

The NYC Community Learning Schools Initiative

Date – 2014 Focus Area – Community Schools, Community Services Design and Delivery Services – Community Needs Assessment, Program Design, Tool Design, Workshop Facilitation, Outreach, Advocacy As the Director of […]

The Socioeconomic Impact of the Long Beach Superblock

Date – June 2014 Focus Areas -Socioeconomics, Analysis, Transit Oriented Development, Economic Development, Mixed-use DevelopmentServices – Economic Analysis, Report Writing In support of the application for financial assistance from the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency, […]