Project name:

The Western New York Environmental Alliance 2015 Congress

Project description:

Date – December 2015

Focus Area – Environment/Climate Change, Community Engagement and Activation, Conference and Event Planning

Service – Outreach and CommunityEngagement, Communications Strategy, Branding and Messaging, Digital Strategy, Event Planning and Execution, Workshop Facilitation, Outreach, Advocacy

The Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA) is an independent, member-run organization. With more than 100 member organizations, WNYEA’s mission is to mobilize change through planning, collective action and collaboration, in order to ensure sustainable, thriving ecosystems and communities in Western New York.

For the past 9 years, WYNEA has held a Congress in Buffalo bringing together the leading voices in the Western New York community around pressing environmental issues. In 2015, with the nations of the world addressing climate issues at the Paris Climate Summit, WNYEA sought to lead a crucial discussion on climate change, solutions and the implications for climate justice in Western New York. Timbre was hired not only to manage the promotion, programming and planning of the Congress, but to also to increase attendance and diversity among panelists and attendees and to a advance a solutions-oriented discussion on climate change.

Timbre successfully met these goals. We rebranded the Congress, “Taking Climate Action: The Future of Western New York,” in an effort to emphasize the collective interest in climate change. Event attendance was at 200+, exceeding expectations and standards set by past years. The hallways were filled with local environmental groups and innovators. Panelists and, through direct engagement with the Greater Buffalo community, attendees represented the diversity of the region. And, in addition press coverage of the event, we reached over 13k people on social media.