Project name:

The University at Buffalo, SUNY

Project description:

Date – 2008

Focus Area – Learning and Cultural Environments

Services – Visioning and Concept Development, Design and User Research, Workshop Facilitation

As a Senior Strategy Consultant at DEGW, Antonina Simeti worked on the creation of a Learning Landscape concept for the The University at Buffalo SUNY (UB). As part of the UB2020 strategic planning initiative, UB sought to enhance its strategic strengths as a 21st Century learning institution and wanted to improve services needed to support the learning experience, community, research and scholarship. DEGW’s Learning Landscape approach to the master plan asked the question “where does learning happen?”, bringing to the light the value of learning and discovery in a variety of informal settings across campus.

DEGW’s approach was data-driven, pulling from a range of quantitative, qualitative, primary and secondary sources. Antonina led user research activities including student surveys, faculty interviews, space observation, focus groups, design workshops, and analysis of existing UB data such as wireless usage and classroom utilization. The extensive research process led to the development of a variety of campus concepts including a learning corridor, a service plan for the consolidation of student service points, living – learning spaces for the “heart of the campus”, and teaching, faculty and media hubs for interdisciplinary interaction.