Project name:

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Project description:

Date – 2011

Focus Area – Learning and Cultural Environments

Services – Building Programming and Space Strategy, Design and User Research, Workshop Facilitation

As a Senior Strategy Consultant at DEGW, Antonina Simeti worked in partnership with Snøhetta to create the building program for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The program was designed for a museum expansion that would accommodate its growing collection, engage the city and the community, and offer a compelling experience for all its visitors. SFMOMA desired a building that would improve its relationship with the surrounding neighborhood, enable staff to work more collaboratively and productively, reinvent the modern and contemporary art experience, holistically integrate education, event, retail and food functions, and fully meet the need for art storage/support and operational activities.

Working closely with SFMOMA staff, leadership and trustees, the team designed a solution that expressed SFMOMA’s desire to be an innovator in the field by rethinking the relationship between museum spaces and services and not simply scaling up current practices. The programming process included establishing SFMOMA’s project vision and values to guide decision-making, conducting user research through staff workshops, survey and observations, review of SFMOMA visitor and marketing materials, and a facilities benchmarking study of selected modern art museums.The collaboration with Snøhetta designers as well as cost estimators from Davis Langdon allowed for the creation of a realistic and achievable building program through the continual testing and realignment of the program against design and budget constraints.