Project name:

Rise Up for Climate Justice Campaign

Project description:

Date – September 2015

Focus Area – Environment, Climate Change, Community Engagement and Activation

Services – Campaign Management, Communication Strategy, Branding and Messaging, Social Media and Web Development, Management, Event Planning and Execution

As the consultants for the Rise Up For Climate Justice (Western New York) campaign launch, Timbre Consultants were charged with three primary goals: to brand and position this new environmental group as a “hub” for Western New York’s environmental community to organize around, to promote “The Western New York Climate Justice Pledge” and program a kick-off rally in downtown Buffalo.

To meet these goals, Timbre launched a full campaign that included targeted and boots-on-the-ground community outreach, engagement and activation; message development and branding; an owned, paid and earned media strategy which included web, print and radio while targeting and developing relationships with members of the press; building a sustainable and robust social media presence; conducting media training and providing interviews with members of the press and publications and; programming and day-of coordination for the rally.

With a narrow window of time the rally and kick-off was a success. There were an estimated 400 people in attendance, and over 30 diverse groups (from labor unions to faith-based organizations) participated. Our social media presence leading up to the campaign engaged with 16k unique users on Facebook 43k Twitter users. And media outlets WBFO / NPR, the Buffalo News, The Public and Time Warner Cable covered Rise Up and the rally.