Project name:

The Socioeconomic Impact of the Long Beach Superblock

Project description:

Date – June 2014

Focus Areas -Socioeconomics, Analysis, Transit Oriented Development, Economic Development, Mixed-use DevelopmentServices – Economic Analysis, Report Writing

In support of the application for financial assistance from the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency, our Senior Consultant, Dr. Martin Cantor (through the Long Island Institute for Socioeconomic Development) was retained by Shore Road-Long Beach Superblock, LLC to prepare a report on the projected economic impact generated in the City of Long Beach and the County of Nassau by the construction in the City of Long Beach

The construction was for the development of two 15- story buildings with 522 residential units complete with mixed-use development. The mixed use development, on the vacant property known as the Superblock, will also include approximately 11,500 square feet of retail space which will be built on the same level as the boardwalk. The two buildings will be constructed over two levels of structured parking providing approximately 600 spaces, with additional surface parking of for another 337 spaces.

The Superblock will be a transit oriented development that meets the objectives of the adopted Urban Renewal Plan by providing a unified development for the vacant Superblock site and will provide economic development to the City of Long Beach while also benefiting the City’s image. The Superblock development will add an economic surge to the waterfront and to the City of Long Beach and support area businesses by the addition of the new tenants.

Additionally, Timbre staff provided socioeconomic research and analysis.

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