Project name:

Healthy Retail and Workplaces

Project description:

Date – January 2016 – Ongoing

Focus Area – Food Systems Planning, Community Engagement and Activation

Services – Program Design, Stakeholder Mapping Outreach, Policy and Legislative Research, Branding and Messaging

Timbre Consultants has been engaged by the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to implement healthy retail and workplaces programs. The team is working in partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools and Go Bike Buffalo under the NYS Department of Health’s Creating Healthy Schools and Community (CHSC) Initiative. CHSC is a 5-year coordinated, multi-sector initiative designed to increase demand for and access to healthy, affordable foods and opportunities for daily physical activity in high-need school districts and their associated communities.

Timbre Consultants is currently working to design new and healthy retail models for the City of Buffalo, including healthy corner stores and mobile markets, and supporting their implementation by developing sustainable partnerships, programming, communication strategies, and the tools and technical assistance needed to support retailers. Healthy workplace programs are being piloted within institutions representing a range of sectors and sizes (e.g. hospitals, government agencies, private corporations) and are designed to change food procurement processes and standards while increasing staff awareness of and access to local food and healthy eating practices. The retail and workplace programs will be situated in, or be connected to targeted Buffalo neighborhoods in conjunction with schools and complete streets planning activities as part of a holistic approach to place-based health and wellness.